About PlaySmart Dice

The patent pending PlaySmart Dice™ system was invented to promote math fact fluency. These dice are vastly more efficient at producing results associated with the most challenging addition and multiplication fact combinations. When used in our original and fun games, players can master essential math skills that are critical for higher levels of academic achievement, as well as other important knowledge we incorporate into our games.

Traditional dice are surprisingly inefficient for helping children master essential math skills. When you roll a common pair of six-sided dice over half the time (55.6% actually) at least one of the die faces will result in a 1 or a 2. Children learn basic math operations using these numbers very quickly but can continue to struggle with harder numbers combinations for years, if not for a lifetime.

Research has shown that interactive and tactile play improves long-term memory. And because our high-quality 25MM dice and games easily fit in your pocket or purse, you can reinforce learning in frequent, fun, and unforgettable play almost anywhere. Just as fun for family game night as they are on camping trips, at restaurants, or on travel!


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